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The internet has grown tremendously over the past ten years to attain heights that were not deemed possible before. In one way or the other almost everything on the planet is now linked to the internet and this simply means that it is pretty much impossible to live without it. Today, businesses cannot ignore the internet, it is estimated that the number of internet users globally stands at more than 2 billion and that number keep growing with each passing day.

These are numbers that any business with an intention of making an impact and remaining relevant to its target market cannot afford to ignore. To say the least, a business will not do very well without a website in today's world. However, simply having a website is not enough, steps need to be taken to ensure that people actually visit the website, and this is where search engine optimization comes in.

Search engine optimization is very beneficial and the most obvious advantage that comes with it is visibility. Actually the whole idea behind search engine optimization is to bring a website to the limelight and ensure that it stays there. The reason why a business would have a website in the first place is so that it can make its presence felt online where as mentioned there is indeed a huge audience.

There are quite a number of people out there who believe that provided they have a website, they are good to go, obviously this is not the case. A website needs to be easily visible to everyone that matters if any gains are to be realized. Search engine optimization involves the use of a number of techniques all of which are targeted at making a website more search engine friendly. Some of these techniques include: the use of certain keywords, the use of inbound links among others. It is important that this undertaking is left to qualified SEO experts who understand exactly what is right and what is wrong since there is such a thing as unethical SEO techniques.

A properly optimized website will easily feature in the very first pages of the various search engines. This is very important since a huge percentage of internet users never go beyond the first page when searching for something. When a web user uses certain keywords and your website features, chances are that you will receive a number of hits.

Search engine optimization increases the amount of traffic that a website generates; the higher the traffic, the higher the chances of generating more sales. Having an optimized website is like having a marketing team that works on a 24/7 basis. This is simply because the website keeps attracting people to your business whether you are present or not.

The reality is that search engine optimization is not a temporary thing that has gotten people all excited only for a short period of time; on the contrary, the practice is here to stay. Therefore, if any business has the desire of making an impact online it better embrace SEO.

Keyword Analysis

When it comes to having your site ranked within the search engine rankings, keyword analysis can be very important. Keyword analysis can provide you with the keywords that are the most competitive and are going to get your business more conversions when it comes to sales. Targeting the right keywords can be vital for your company and should be the base of any search engine optimisation campaign, in fact we never start an SEO campaign until the client is completely satisfied with the keywords that have been chosen. If it is carried out incorrectly, it can result in wasted time and have no positive benefits whatsoever.

Site Plan

A site plan enables you to plan out your website in full seeing where each page is, what pages you are going to link to and what pages you are linking from. Site plans are typically carried out in a hierarchical fashion, from parent pages to child pages and more. These site plans really can help when it comes to designing and building a website, ensure that you carry these out with care, as linking one page wrongly to another may harm your website in the way of navigation. Although it would be nice to jump straight into the fancy graphics it is best to start with what you are planning to put on pages, then add any fancy graphics that you may have.

On Site

Onsite SEO is basically ensuring that your website is search engine optimisation friendly, if your onsite SEO is not correct or been carried out in full there is a much smaller chance that you will rank well. Content creation can play a major factor when it comes to onsite SEO, ensuring each piece of content is unique can really benefit your company's positioning within the search engine rankings. Internal Linking can also be another major factor when it comes to onsite SEO, linking to pages from other pages around your website which are relevant can really help when it comes to navigation, along with helping the robots that crawl your site. Onsite SEO also contains other factors such as, metas, title tags, H1's, H2's, alt tags, images and much more.

Off Site

One of major factors when it comes to offsite SEO is linking, making sure that you link to relevant website that are not "spammy" is vital, these links are also known as backlinks. Along with linking, social interaction and branding can also play a big part in getting your name known to a lot of people on the internet. Writing articles can also be a great way to attract links to your website, ensure to leave them across a wide array of submission websites however. Along with this maps are another great way of helping people find your website and they can even leave a review for your site which contains keywords your company ranks for.